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You are about to embark on a journey, you know what surrounds you, you are thirsty for culture?
Augmented Reality in this app, you can not miss, in your travels or in your newspaper, your tour guide will be perfect your playing by indicating all the important places and monuments, with all the information wikipedia, rich in all kinds of curiosities and news, as well as your distance from them!

The only Augmented Reality App to give you the ability to display up to 150 points of interest in amplitude of radius chosen.

Useful and ideal for outdoor trips, trips to Italy and abroad, localized in 3 languages​​:
- Italian
- German
- English.

Augmented reality, in addition to reproducing the reality that surrounds you with shooting video, enhanced with information overlays, placing them through the calculation of the position of the gyro sensors and GPS of your iPhone / iPad!

Millions of points of interest at your disposal for any country you visit, or wherever you are.
You can adjust to your liking the range 1 to 20 km using the appropriate sliders, selectors with presets or via the appropriate box in which you are going to directly enter the desired beam width, a practical radar will alert all points of 'interest with respect to your position, your framing with the cam, the world around you will be punctuated by the POI that you can view in detail from the list of menus.

Works in all countries of the world, uses the default database of Wikipedia.

Screen will be visible in the source data sources also questioned the current database can be entered via add custom url. Responding to queries in JSON format

You get beyond the visual AR also map display, with the POI and found the information online, as well as a handy summary screen with GPS positioning data.

In the list view will be listed in the table all the points of interest detected in order of distance, with a simple click you can open the tab, highly detailed, full of historical information, dates and so on.

- Camera (View Overlay POI)
- Sources (View of the external sources from which are drawn from the data, add custom url)
- List (All POI detected, with the possibility of detail)
- Map (Hybrid Map with current position and then placed on the same detected)
- More (copyright information, and GPS data (latitude, longitude, altitude, speed, etc. ..)

- Up to 150 points of interest selected in amplitude of radius
- Display the distance in miles from P.O.I. in either Camera is in Map mode
- Selectors for beam width, Slider, Fixed, Specified

Minimum Requirements:
- Rear view camera
- Connection WiFi/3G
- Iphone / Ipad with compass

I wish you a nice trip, and Have Fun!
Some of ViviMondo Rating:
".. Our evaluation of ViviMondo is overwhelmingly positive. The application does what it says very well .."

"ViviMondo application is useful for all travelers, but also for a trip outside."
"Forget the old guides, from today through ViviMondo"

"With ViviMondo you a real tour guide can connect you with all important places and monuments, the distance from this and all information"

Avr Magazine
"Our compliments to the developer who has managed to combine culture and technology, a great app to take with us to satisfy our thirst for knowledge."

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App intelligente, ottima compagna di viaggio
Fantastica app . Trova i punti di cultura ed interesse e ne racconta la storia. Per chi ama conoscere e girare e' l'ideale . Di uso facile e risposta immediata. Ho appena scoperto cose che non sapevo di luoghi che stanno quasi sotto il mio naso. La portero ' con me per curiosare ovunque ! Anche all' estero ! Bravo , app intelligente
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