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Data pubblicazione: 16 febbraio 2019
Società: DMAC Security
Dimensioni: 25.35 MB
Versione: 1.0.29
Tipo App: Universal (iPhone / iPod Touch / iPad)


DMAC-IP-iALARM makes the complete management of the DMAC iALARM ​​burglar alarm system available on your iOS device. You can control your system in real time from your mobile device, whenever and wherever you are, locally or remotely through the Internet.
DMAC-IP-iALARM supports all the dimensions of displays, has a simple and intuitive interface: with a few taps you have the possibility to arm and disarm the burglar alarm system, check the status of the zones, consult the events memory, check the images from cameras, trigger outputs and much more.
The app allows you to manage multiple installed DMAC iALARM ​​systems, with no limit: just one app to control all of your installations (home, office, company and so on).
CELan Connect uses the DMAC P2P system, which keeps you connected to your control panel regardless of the network connection of the control panel (ADSL and / or 3G).
DMAC-IP-iALARM is also a working tool for the installer, allowing complete programming and verification of the system, locally or remotely through the Internet.

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