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Wonderful app easy and intuitive as few of its kind to know and see in real time all the earthquakes in the world! Report IMMEDIATELY with the latest earthquake detected by PopUp, the only App World seismographic network with dual / Italian

The map shows all earthquakes in real time, the map has a scroll and zoom so you can easily get around the globe, the earthquakes are shown by red placemark by clicking on them you can get all the details of earthquake, magnitude expressed on the Richter scale, deep in the earth's crust where the earthquake originated in kilometers, as well as date and time of the day!

The map is easily switchable in visual mode: map, Space, Hybrid, Land and has a button for finding your current location on the map.

- Implementation of the double World seismographic network / Italian
- 3 views (Weekly, Daily, Last time) dedicated to the worldwide network of seismographs
- 1 view (Detail Italy) dedicated to the Italian National seismographs, with details of smaller earthquakes
- Added warning for all views, the last recorded earthquake in Pop-Up with date, time, location, earthquake magnitude, depth, up to date information in real time with a click!

You can also choose whether to display the earthquakes of the last 7 days, or only the last 24 hours, or last-minute details of the Italian earthquakes for a maximum of 4000 events over the past 5 months with a magnitude greater than or equal to 2, directly from the network of Italian seismographs.

Applying a filter so reductive in the case of many seismic events present or seeing detail in even the smallest earthquakes recorded in Italy and worldwide.

- Popup warning last earthquake detected
- Visual mode: map, Space, Hybrid, Land
- Identification of one's position
- Earthquakes over 2.5 on the Richter scale recorded in the last week Network World
- Earthquakes over 2.0 on the Richter scale recorded in the last 24 hours worldwide network
- Earthquakes over 2.0 on the Richter scale registered in the 'last hour global network
- Earthquakes over 2.0 on the Richter scale recorded from the last 5 months (max 4000 events) on the Italian territory (Italy Detail)
- Designed and tested for Ipad / New Ipad / Iphone

Minimum Technical Requirements:
- Data connection (WiFi/3G)
- Iphone / Ipod Touch / Ipad with GPS sensor

I remind you that one purchase you will have it included in the price for iPad HD version! (Sync Itunes / icloud)

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