Radio Moldova - Alarm Clock + Recording

Radio Moldova - Alarm Clock + Recording
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Data pubblicazione: 2 novembre 2011
Società: Amir Markish
Dimensioni: 15.97 MB
Versione: 3.0
Tipo App: Universal (iPhone / iPod Touch / iPad)


★ Radio Moldova brings you stations:

Aquarelle FM 90.7, Radio 7 105.2, Radio Record 106.3, Radio Chanson 88.8, Radio Pridnestrovia 104.0, Retro Moldova 92.0, XHT 101.7, Kiss FM 100.9, LSM Radio Moldova 104.2, Megapolis FM 88.6, Pro FM 106.9 and Европа Плюс 106.4.
✔ Recording
✔ Alarm Clock
✔ Sleep Timer
✔ Customer service support
✔ Search by radio name
✔ Graphic Equalizer
✔ Favorites list
✔ History of last played stations
✔ Regular updates over the air
✔ Song title and artist name (when available)
✔ Twitter support
✔ Advanced Alarm Manager - Multiple Alarms, Day Selection, iPod music / Radio station and more
✔ "Wifi only" On/Off switch (setting can be found in the main setting app under Radio)
✔ Airplay support (Tested on Apple TV)
✔ YouTube clip for the currently playing song
✔ Automatic recordings: set an alarm to start a recording
✔ See what everyone around the world is listening to on the new real time Twitter ‫wall‬
✔ iPad version
✔ Lyrics for currently playing song (when available)

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