Categories Game

Categories Game
Prezzo: GRATIS
Categoria: Giochi
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Data pubblicazione: 22 ottobre 2013
Società: MadBit Entertainment
Dimensioni: 18.65 MB
Versione: 2.5.3
Tipo App: Universal (iPhone / iPod Touch / iPad)


We're proud to present to you the first AppStore game with prizes, where you can WIN PAID APPS AND AMAZON GIFT-CARDS just by playing!
We've revisited the classic scattergories game and made it more fun than ever!
You can play by yourself or with friends (up to 4 players).
Play online (against your Facebook friends or just random opponents) and offline.
You can participate in tournaments and WIN REAL PRIZES!
To score points you have to think of a word in a chosen category that starts with a randomly given letter!
For example: Animals that start with Z? … Zebra! Elements of the periodic table that start with M? … Mercury!

Disclaimer: Apple is not sponsoring or is in any way involved in the assigning of prizes.
*See regulation within the app

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